Ultra Precise Plant Measurements Under Field Conditions

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Your Go-to Solution For Ultra-precise Plant Measurements

PhenoMobile® offers unprecedented crop imaging possibilities. Thanks to a great proximity with the canopy and controlled lighting conditions. Our solution allows to access ultra-precise & premium plant measurements under field conditions. We already offer a lot of plant assessments (i.e. ‘traits’) available in production today. In addition, our team is well-versed at accompanying you into developing new traits.

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With PhenoMobile

Our ground-based crop imaging solution is composed of 4 main pillars, from highly customizable for the mechanical structure and sensors to highly standardized for the acquisition and processing, for maximum efficicency & precision.

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Are Already Using It Worldwide

The PhenoMobile phenotyping systems already have a lot of referencies around the world from academics & research institutes but also from the agricultural industry, especially with seed breeding companies in Europe.

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